After a few weeks of testing, the mercury development infrastructure has been moved to GitHub. One of the main reasons for us to go in that direction is to make it easier for users and developers to collaborate and be able to administrate services without requiring any formal access to ANL.

Mercury’s organisation page is now located at:

The main mercury repository can now be found at:

Issue tracking is now also handled through GitHub:

Continous testing has been set up with Travis so that whenever something gets pushed to the mercury master branch, it is tested with BMI/MPI/CCI plugins: and then submitted to the CMake dashboard: The dashboard is now also being updated to the latest version so things should also be nicer on this side soon.

The new mercury website is based on Jekyll, which makes it easier to add new pages and code-related stuff than it was with the wordpress one. Regarding mailing-lists, we will keep them hosted at ANL as it has been working well so far this way.