Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists described below that users may wish to subscribe to:

  • [subscribe]

    This mailing list is available for users to discuss Mercury issues among each other. Users must subscribe before they can send e-mails to the list.

  • [subscribe]

    This mailing list is available for Mercury developers to discuss implementation of new and existing features, NA plugins, etc. Developers must subscribe before they can send e-mails to the list. This list also gets tickets issued from trac.

  • [subscribe]

    This list gets e-mails issued from commits pushed to the branches of Git repository.

Issue Tracking

Current and past issues can be found on:

If your issue is not listed, you may first check that the latest build passes by looking at the Travis continuous integration service:

  • Platform Result
    Linux x86_64 Build Status

Or for more details you may also look at the continuous and/or nightly builds that are reported to the CDash Dashboard: alt text


We welcome all contributions to Mercury!

  • Code Patches
  • Requests for new features
  • Feedback on using Mercury and suggestions for improvements

Please feel free to send any of the above to the mercury development mailing list.

We have many things planned for Mercury and limited developer time available; contact us if you want to learn more about RPC on HPC systems or if you are looking for an interesting project to contribute to. We require the following Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to be filled out and sent to: