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Release Notes v2.0.1


This version brings a few bug fixes and updates to our v2.0.0 release.

New features

  • Improve logging system and add HG_LOG_SUBSYS environment variable that can be used in combination with HG_LOG_LEVEL to select log sub-systems.
    • Add min_debug log level to keep debug traces. Traces get printed when an error occurs.
    • [HG] Add HG_Set_log_subsys().
  • [NA] Add support for message size hints though max_unexpected_size and max_expected_size hints. Supported with OFI, BMI and MPI plugins.
  • [NA BMI/SM/OFI] Support sends to self address.

Bug fixes

  • [HG]
    • Add missing check for NULL addr passed to HG_Forward().
    • Remove unnecessary spinwait() and track handle in completion queue.
    • Fix handle refcount if HG_Respond() fails.
    • Remove race in HG_Trigger() optimization that was skipping signaling.
  • [HG bulk]
    • Prevent virtual handle data to be sent eagerly.
    • Ensure underlying error codes from NA are returned back to user.
  • [HG util]
    • Fix timeout passed to pthread_cond_timedwait() when CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE is used.
    • Remove check for STDERR_FILENO.
    • Add best-effort C++ compatibility for atomics.
  • [NA]
    • Ensure completion callback is called after OP ID is fully released.
  • [NA BMI]
    • Rework and simplify NA BMI code and remove extra allocations.
  • [NA SM]
    • Prevent potential race on bulk handle that was freed.
    • Fix release of invalid addresses.
    • Prevent race in address resolution.
  • [NA OFI]
    • Allow libfabric to return canceled operations.
    • Yield to other threads when using PSM2.
    • Return and convert OFI error codes back to upper layers.
    • Ensure selected domain matches address format.
    • Prevent tcp protocol to be used on macOS.
    • Fix potential memory leak in na_ofi_provider_check().
    • Add addr pool to prevent addr allocation on unexpected recv.

⚠ Known Issues

  • [NA OFI]
    • [tcp/verbs;ofi_rxm] Using more than 256 peers requires FI_UNIVERSE_SIZE to be set.
    • [tcp;ofi_rxm] Remains unstable, use sockets as a fallback in case of issues.

Last update: December 4, 2021