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Release Notes v2.1.0


This version brings bug fixes and updates to our v2.0.0 release.

New features

  • [NA UCX]
    • Add initial support for UCX. As opposed to other plugins, the UCX plugin is able through the ucx+all init string to decide on which protocol to use.
  • [NA SM]
    • Update default addressing format to follow PID-ID instead of PID/ID
    • Allow for passing of arbitrary SM init URIs
    • Enable support for bulk handle address binding
    • Add sm_info_string field to HG init info, which allows for specific init URIs to be used for SM when auto_sm is enabled.
  • [NA]
    • Add thread_mode to NA init options and add NA_THREAD_MODE_SINGLE to relax thread-safety requirements.
    • Add na_cb_info_recv_expected to return actual_buf_size.
    • Add na_cb_type_to_string() to convert callback enum type to printable string.
  • [NA IP]
    • Add na_ip_check_interface() routine that can be used by plugins to select IP interface to use.
  • [HG util]
    • Add hg_mem_header_alloc()/free() calls to allocate buffers with a preceding header.
    • Add thread annotation module for thread safety analysis.
    • Add mercury_mem_pool memory pool to facilitate allocation and memory registration of a pool of buffers.
    • Enable format argument checking on logging functions.
    • Add hg_time_from_ms() and hg_time_to_ms() for time conversion to ms.
  • [HG bulk]
    • Return transfer size size through hg_cb_info and hg_cb_info_bulk.

Bug fixes

  • [NA OFI]
    • Require at least v1.7.0 of libfabric.
    • Fix handling of completion queue events and completion of retried operations that fail.
    • Fix progress loop to reduce time calls.
    • Force per-region registration for all providers and remove deprecated FI_MR_SCALABLE type of registrations and global MR keys.
  • [NA SM]
    • Refactor and clean up sends/cancelation/retries/rma/address keys.
    • Remove use of usernames from SM paths.
  • [HG util]
    • Prevent use of CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE on PPC platforms and default to CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
    • Fix debug logs that were not freed at exit.
    • Remove return value of mutex lock/unlock routines.
    • Fix log subsys to prevent setting duplicates.
    • Simplify handling of compiler attributes and add mercury_compiler_attributes.h module.
    • Remove hg_util_ integer types and use stdint.h.
    • Remove OpenPA dependency for atomics and use built-in atomics instead (requires gcc >= 4.7).
  • [HG/HG util/NA]
    • Fix thread safety warnings and potential thread locking issues.
    • Fix log level set routines that were not enabling the underlying log sub-system.
    • Avoid reading system timers and optimize handling of timeouts.
  • [HG bulk]
    • Fix erroneous call to NA_Mem_deregister() when handle is deserialized.
    • Correctly mark op as canceled if canceled from NA.
    • Clean up and simplify handling of NA error return codes in callback.
    • Minimal tracking of bulk handles that are not freed.
  • [HG Core]
    • Fix error handling when NA send fails during an HG_Forward() operation.
    • Correctly map NA error return code back to HG error return code in user callback.
    • Correctly print HG handle debug information.
    • In short responses like ACKs, leave room at the front of a buffer for the NA header, and expect the header to be present.
    • Fix potential issue on context destroy where handles could have been reposted while finalizing if RPCs were still in the queue.
  • [General]
    • Warning and static analysis issues were fixed.

⚠ Known Issues

  • [NA OFI]
    • [tcp/verbs;ofi_rxm] Using more than 256 peers requires FI_UNIVERSE_SIZE to be set.
    • [tcp;ofi_rxm] Remains unstable, use sockets as a fallback in case of issues.
      • Please note that libfabric v1.13.0 and v1.13.1 have address management issues with that transport. Please either downgrade to v1.12.1 (or earlier) or upgrade to v1.13.2 (or later).
  • [NA UCX]
    • NA_Addr_to_string() cannot be used on non-listening processes to convert a self-address to a string.

Last update: December 6, 2021